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HCG SuperWeight Loss Drops
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837 Fern Drive
Lynden, Washington, 98264
Ph: 360-410-0812
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Better Health (of Washington) is a small, simple, humble, yet professional company that Ron Horn M.D., Matt and Karla Magrath formed in 2010. We are honest hard working and down-to-earth people who have been in the helping field for a combined 75 years of experience. Dr. Ron Horn is an American Society of Addiction Medicine board certified family doctor and director of a local pain clinic. He is also an acupuncturist, and a student of the world. He is the Physician directed and supported partner of Better Health. Ron is a nurturing doctor whose heart is larger than his 7'1 (that's right) frame. He wants to help people through passing on knowledge and support to others who are seeking life changes.


HCG Super Weight Loss Drops

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Is A Protein/hormone That Is Produced In Women During Pregnancy. It Is Utilized By The Body To Protect And Nourish The Fetus By Delivering Adequate Caloric Nutrition To The Placenta By Obtaining The Mother’s "stored" Fat Reserves, Thus Sparing Lean Muscle. HCG Has Been Commonly Used To Treat A Variety Of Medical Conditions In Addition To Weight Loss, Such As Hypogonadism (very Low Testosterone Levels In Men) And Infertility In Women. However Never Advances In Science Have Created A Breakthrough And Made HCG Available In Sublingual Formulas (Pellets & Drops) Taken Under The Tongue.  HCG Targets The Stored Nutrients And Calories In Fat Cells By Liquefying Their Content. These Nutrients Are Then Released Into The Bloodstream, In The Same Way That A Pregnant Mother Passes Nutrients To Her Unborn Baby. It Is Believed That This Source Of Natural Energy Is Immediately Available To The Body. In Some Cases As Much As 2,000-4,000 Calories Is Delivered In A Single Day. Fat Cells Are Drained Of Their Contents And Shrink To A Fraction Of Their Original Size. This Mechanism Also May Help In Preventing Stretch Marks And Sagging Skin. Natural Energy Levels Increase From Nutrients Supplied By The Fat Cells, While Appetite Decreases Noticeably.

837 Fern Drive
Lynden, Washington, 98264
Ph: 360-410-0812
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