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The Boy From Baby House 10
A Child’s Journey from Heartbreak to Happiness

In 1990, a young boy afflicted with cerebral palsy was born, prematurely, in Russia. His name was Vanya. His mother abandoned him to the state childcare system and he was sent to a bleak orphanage called Baby House 10.

Russian Orphanage Book

In 1990, A Young Boy Afflicted With Cerebral Palsy Was Born, Prematurely, In Russia. His Name Was Vanya. His Mother Abandoned Him To The State Childcare System And He Was Sent To A Bleak Orphanage Called Baby House 10. Once There, He Entered A Nightmare World He Was Not To Leave For More Than Eight Years. Housed In A Ward With A Group Of Other Children, He Was Clothed In Rags...

175 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY, 10010
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